What makes SerbisU the RIGHT service marketplace?
While it works on the premise that time is of the essence, SerbisU has kept in mind both the CLIENT and SERVICE PROVIDER’s interest in a number of ways:

For Customers

  • SerbisU has a NO FUSS, EASY-TO-USE search system. We have revolutionized the way service providers are searched in our system. Our website displays results based on reputation and relevance. It simply allows you as a customer to find that top-notch service provider in your area and have him give you what you need in no time.

  • SerbisU lets you get in touch directly with service providers. We provide a web-based SMS system that allows you to communicate directly with the provider you’re interested in, whenever, wherever.

  • SerbisU does its BEST to protect YOU as a consumer. Connect only with highly recommended service providers. SerbisU provides a 5-star-point feedback system to allow you to choose only those reputable and quality service providers in your area.

For Service Providers

  • SerbisU is 100% TOTALLY FREE. SerbisU does NOT take commissions or charge any fees AT ALL. Whether you are an auto mechanic, an electrician, a freelance tutor, a massage therapist, a wedding planner, a photographer, or any type of service provider, you get to keep 100% of your client's payment. Take advantage of this opportunity to widen your client database and grow your business!

  • SerbisU provides FREE SMS service. To allow your potential customers to get in touch with you QUICKLY. Never miss a business opportunity again.

  • SerbisU allows you to establish your reputation as a service provider. Let your customers speak for you and bring you MORE BUSINESS.

SerbisU not only aims to connect clients to service providers, it also aims to:

Protect both parties’ interest – make it WIN-WIN on both sides!

Ensure smooth-flowing, problem-free transactions.

Foster transparent and strong business relationships.



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